Combster is a discovery engine. Every day, a dedicated content team curates fresh trends that serve as a gateway to new discoveries. Tapping a trend brings you to a playlist of the most relevant videos aggregated from various sources (such as YouTube or Twitter) and plenty of related topics. Topics are interrelated through context, time and place and are chock full of the most relevant videos pulled from lots of different sources. There is no other platform that structures content in this way.
Yes, but that’s not all. Structured context and a web of inter-topical connections combined with a unique, eye-catching hexagonal UI lets you browse, discover and learn new things every day even without watching videos. In addition, there are plenty of exciting new features in the pipeline!
For now Combster is focused on entertainment and showbiz, or more specifically film, TV shows, music, gaming and lifestyle events. However, in exploring Combster’s deeper contextual layers, you can run across as many as 22 other categories like sports, geography, or architecture.
Yes. A dedicated editorial team curates several new trends each day. And that number will only grow over time.
The hexagonal UI is a unique visual discovery tool that allows us to portray the contextual relationships between topics. Plus they’re fun to play with.
No. Trends are selected based on their world-wide popularity and serve as a gateway to contextually related topics.
At the moment, videos are aggregated from YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo and Archive.org. More platforms will be included over time.
Connections between topics are generated automatically and are realistic, real-world, logical connections like ones you encounter in everyday life. However, some topics may have a category-specific structure which can differ slightly from topics in other categories. Additionally, some topics are arranged manually while others are not. Thus some topics might include “fun facts” while others don't.
Yes. The basic version of Combster is and always will be free.
Yes. The premium version of Combster is in the pipeline. For a small fee, users will be able to access premium features including exclusive content prepared by our expert curators.
Just select the user profile icon on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen and tap “Sign up”.
Yes. We collect data about the type of content you consume and about your location (if you have given us consent to do so). We use this data to improve your experience and for marketing purposes. We might share this data with our partners. A list of partners we might share this data is: none. You can always request us to erase your data by clicking on this link. All data is collected and stored in accordance with GDPR and the California Privacy Act.
You can always request that we erase all your data by clicking on this link clicking on this link. And you can switch data sharing in your profile.
You can control the notifications in the Settings menu or in the system of your device. You can access the app’s Settings menu from the bottom navigation bar. On the web, you can access the Settings through the main menu.
From your user profile you can send a link to the app’s web page where your friend can choose between downloading the iOS or Android versions. Or on the web, just share the customized link you can find in your profile.
Curators are hand-picked experts in a specific field. They curate their own topics (trending or otherwise) and can additionally upload their own original video content. If you’re interested in becoming a curator, please contact us via this web form.
No. At this time, there is no such option available. However, we do plan to give users this option in the future. Community driven curatorship is also an upcoming feature.
Yes. Any topic you’ve liked is stored in your profile. However, you must be logged in to like a topic and access it later.
No. But you can access your history in your profile.
An advanced algorithm selects the video based on multiple criteria such as popularity, description, relevance and freshness. Some videos are hand picked by our editorial team.
Yes. But all of the ads will be native - this means no intrusive full-screen ads, reward videos or banners.
Yes. We’re working tirelessly every day to improve our algorithms and refine our context web so you can enjoy the most relevant content possible. However, if you feel that something could be improved, please send us feedback either through the feedback option in the app or via this form. We appreciate the help!