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  • Pyrausta purpuralis (Crambidae-Lepidoptera)

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  • How to pronounce crambidae

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  • How to Pronounce crambidae - American English

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  • Moth species - grass moths - Crambid Snout Moths (Crambidae)

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  • Part 5: Common Grass-Veneer and Donacaula Moths (Family Crambidae)

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  • Snout Moth Crambini sp (Ditrysia - Pyraloidea - Crambidae)

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  • Flower humpers

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  • Dead Hexasterophora incertae sedis @ Swains Island

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  • European Corn Borer

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  • Identification Tips: Eurasian Watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum)

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  • Duponchelia Fovealis

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The Crambidae are the grass moth family of lepidopterans. They are quite variable in appearance, the nominal subfamily Crambinae taking up closely folded postures on grass stems where they are inconspicuous, while other subfamilies include brightly coloured and patterned insects which rest in wing-spread attitudes.

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