Extraterrestrial intelligence

Extraterrestrial intelligence

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  • Brian Cox investigates a potential alien signal 👽 😲 - BBC

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  • The Future Of: Extraterrestrial Intelligence

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  • Stephen Hawking's Last Speech

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  • The Milky Way: Crash Course Astronomy #37

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  • Carl Sagan Biography - American Astronomer, Planetary Scientist, Cosmologist, Astrophysicist

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  • Do you really understand Einstein’s theory of relativity? - BBC News

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  • Galaxies, part 1: Crash Course Astronomy #38

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  • What is Energy?

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Extraterrestrial intelligence refers to hypothetical intelligent extraterrestrial life. The question of whether other inhabited worlds might exist has been debated since ancient times. The modern form of the concept emerged when the Copernican Revolution demonstrated that the Earth was a planet revolving around the Sun, and other planets were conversely, other worlds. The question of whether other inhabited planets or moons exist was a natural consequence of this new understanding. It has become one of the most speculative questions in science and is a central theme of science fiction and popular culture.

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