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  • What is the meaning of the word GELECHIIDAE?

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  • How to Pronounce gelechiidae - American English

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  • Familia Gelechiidae (Lepidoptera) - Plagas en Solanáceas - Twirler moth.

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  • A colourful Gelechiid Moth || Look at the crazy Movements..!

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  • Micromoth (Gelechiidae: Battaristis concinusella) on Window Pane

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  • ジェームズ・フランシス・スティーブンス

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  • Superfamily Gelechioidea Moth

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  • Introduction to systematics | Classification and nomenclature | Class 11 Biology (CBSE/NCERT)

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  • Dead Hexasterophora incertae sedis @ Swains Island

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  • How to Pronounce coleophoridae - American English

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  • Micromoth (Oecophoridae?): To be Identified...

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The Gelechiidae are a family of moths commonly referred to as twirler moths or gelechiid moths. They are the namesake family of the huge and little-studied superfamily Gelechioidea, and the family's taxonomy has been subject to considerable dispute. These are generally very small moths with narrow, fringed wings. The larvae of most species feed internally on various parts of their host plants, sometimes causing galls. Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga) is a host plant common to many species of the family, particularly of the genus Chionodes, which as a result is more diverse in North America than usual for Gelechioidea.

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