Germany–Russia relations

Germany–Russia relations

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  • Germany: "We must not close our eyes on reality" in relations with Russia - Merkel

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  • The Rise Of The Soviet Union

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  • Ten Minute History - The Rise of the Ottoman Empire (Short Documentary)

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  • Ten Minute History - The Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany (Short Documentary)

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  • Catherine the Great: Empress of Russia in the Golden Age | Mini Bio | Biography

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Germany–Russia relations display cyclical patterns, moving back and forth from cooperation and alliance to strain and to total warfare. Historian John Wheeler-Bennett says that since the 1740s:Relations between Russia and Germany...have been a series of alienations, distinguished for their bitterness, and of rapprochements, remarkable for their warmth....A cardinal factor in the relationship has been the existence of an independent Poland...when separated by a buffer state the two great Powers of eastern Europe have been friendly, whereas a contiguity of frontiers has bred hostility.

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