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  • Besserwisserboy

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  • Lovepower

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  • Der Tag

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  • Jag Älskar Sverige!

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  • Piercing

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  • 10 Styles of Punk

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  • Die Ärzte - Die Band die sie Pferd nannten

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  • Die Ärzte - Der Graf ( Rock´n Roll Realschule 15 )

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  • die ärzte – Ein Lied für Jetzt (Offizielles Video)

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  • How Powerful is Sweden? | NowThis World

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  • The History of Jazz

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  • Hòa Tấu Guitar Không Lời Hay Nhất | Nhạc Phòng Trà Hải Ngoại Bất Hủ | Nhạc Buổi Sáng Không Quảng Cáo

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  • Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now (Bass Cover)

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Geräusch ("Noise") is a studio album by Die Ärzte. The album was sold on two CDs, which look like LPs. The package is designed, using upside-down techniques, to make it difficult to decide which of the covers is the front. It's also the first album of the band that tuned their instruments a half step down from the standard tuning, leaving them on E♭ tuning onwards.

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