Ghada al-Samman

Ghada al-Samman

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  • غادة السمان " صفارة إنذار داخل رأسي "

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  • غادة السمان رسالة الى الرجل المستحيل Ghada Al-Samman

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  • مقتطفات 1 من اجمل ما كتبت غادة السمان Ghada Al-Samman

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  • غادة السمان المصباح السحري Ghada Al-Samman magic lantern

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  • Ghada Al Samman Quotes غادة السمان - امرأة عربية وحرة

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  • لأني أحبك - غادة السمان Ghada Al Saman

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  • Introduction to Islam | Belief | Oprah Winfrey Network

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  • The World's OLDEST CITY (Damascus)

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Ghadah Al-Samman is a Syrian writer, journalist and novelist born in Damascus in 1942 to a prominent and conservative Damascene family, she is remotely related to Nizar Qabbani the famous poet. Her father was Ahmed Al-Samman, a president of the Syrian University. She was deeply influenced by him since her mother died at a very young age.

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