Gheorghe Ursu

Gheorghe Ursu

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  • Despre super-nutrienții BIO

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  • Procesul disidentului Gheorghe Ursu. Torționarii au emoții în fața instanței

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  • Documentar despre inginerul Gheorghe Ursu, la TVR1

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  • Torționarii lui Gheorghe Ursu au fost achitați

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  • Dosarul disidentului Gheorghe Ursu - patru persoane, trimise în judecată

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  • Românul care l-a ucis pe Gheorghe Ursu, arestat pentru crimă în Danemarca

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  • BUCHAREST 4k ROMANIA 🇷🇴 Walking Tour 4k (2021)

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  • Engineer your Future - University Politehnica of Bucharest

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  • Romanian Communist Party conference-1967

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  • Welcome to Moldova SOROCA ( #BeOurGuest #FiiOaspeteleNostru )

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Gheorghe Emil Ursu was a Romanian construction engineer, poet, diarist and dissident. A left-wing activist and avant-garde intellectual who joined the Romanian Communist Party as a youth, he was soon after disillusioned with the Communist regime, and became one of its most outspoken critics. For most of his life, Gheorghe Ursu was active in cultural circles, and maintained contacts with literary and artistic figures.

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