Giaches de Wert

Giaches de Wert

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  • Doron-David Sherwin, Marco Vitali, Massimo Lonardi - L'Orlandina (Cornetto, Cello & Lute)

    YouTube 02:08
  • Giaches de Wert (1535-1596) - O primavera gioventu

    YouTube 03:18
  • Giaches de Wert - Adesto dolori meo

    YouTube 03:51
  • Giaches de Wert: Vaghi boschetti di soavi allori - La Compagnia del Madrigale

    YouTube 02:19
  • Giaches de Wert | Vox in Rama | Ars Nova Copenhagen

    YouTube 03:25
  • Giaches de Wert - Gaudete in Domino

    YouTube 01:27
  • Mantua Twp Dwelling Fire Radio Traffic 2/8/2021

    YouTube 13:36
  • Time-lapse (90x): up the Scheldt River Estuary & arrival Antwerp [4K / UHD]

    YouTube 03:34
  • Geography Now! Belgium

    YouTube 10:59
  • The Dutch Language

    YouTube 12:58
  • The failed History show - [The Historiaster] - Charles V

    YouTube 03:09
  • Genetic Engineering and Diseases – Gene Drive & Malaria

    YouTube 07:04

Giaches de Wert was a Franco-Flemish composer of the late Renaissance, active in Italy. Intimately connected with the progressive musical center of Ferrara, he was one of the leaders in developing the style of the late Renaissance madrigal. He was one of the most influential of late sixteenth-century madrigal composers, particularly on Claudio Monteverdi, and his later music was formative on the development of music of the early Baroque era.

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