Giacomo di Castro

Giacomo di Castro

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  • La Castrense

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  • La centrale degli sprechi - Agorà 04/04/2018

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  • Intervista a Giacomo Castro su vincolo MIBAC

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  • Castro 2013 - Bombe da tiro Giacomo Del Vicario

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  • DI GIACOMO Y CASTRO - El Estado avanza para que todos los trámites se hagan de forma digital

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  • Sorrento Tour

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  • Italy Geography/Country of Italy

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  • Baroque - Overview - Goodbye-Art Academy

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  • NAPLES CITY WALK A tour around the City of Naples Italy

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  • Annunciation, by Michael Story – Score & Sound

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  • The Science behind Lo Shu Grid | Chinese Magic Square

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Giacomo di Castro was an Italian painter of the Baroque period. He was born at Sorrento. He was a pupil of Giovanni Battista Caracciolo, but afterwards worked under Domenichino when that master visited Naples to decorate the chapel of the Tresoro. He painted a Marriage of the Virgin, the Annunciation, and Archangel Michael expelling Lucifer from Paradise in Sant' Aniello in Sorrento.

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