Giant Robot Project

Giant Robot Project

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  • Project Giant Robot Brought to Life

    YouTube 01:18
  • Japan Builds Giant 18 Meter Tall Robot

    YouTube 03:20
  • How to Make a Giant Robot Mech (1/7) - YouTube Geek Week - Wired

    YouTube 02:24
  • South Korea: World's first giant manned robot takes its first steps

    YouTube 01:56
  • Real Life Giant Robot on the Rampage

    YouTube 03:09
  • How Did YouTube Start?

    YouTube 11:46
  • Aluminium (or Aluminum) - Periodic Table of Videos

    YouTube 11:52
  • Build a Simple Electric Motor

    YouTube 02:36
  • Robotic machine tending

    YouTube 01:06
  • Can Canadians Talk Trash?

    YouTube 03:33
  • Scrap - Como antes (Prod. by Washi Hana) [Video Oficial]

    YouTube 03:40
  • Brushless DC Motor controller

    YouTube 03:42
  • Star Fox Zero and the Wii U: A Tale of Two Sh**ties

    YouTube 27:27

The Giant Robot Project is an undertaking by Canadian inventor Jaimie Mantzel to construct a large six-legged robot.

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