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  • 5 Things To Do in Guizhou

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  • Aerial China:An adjustable highway in Guizhou, with a humanized design. Do you support such a design

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  • China from space: Satellite images of Guizhou

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  • Guizhou: China's Largest Dong Ethnic Minority Community

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  • Guizhou at a glance

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  • 贵阳Guiyang, the 57th largest city in China

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  • Presidents of the People's Republic of China

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  • Battle of Talas River (Abbassids vs Tang Empire)

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  • History of the Yuan Dynasty : Every Year

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  • Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - Fates Divided Announcement Trailer

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  • Chongqing Municipality and Jiangxi Province on alert for more intense flooding

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  • Let's Go - Sichuan

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Guizhou, formerly romanized as Kweichow, is a province of the People's Republic of China located in the southwestern part of the country. Its capital city is Guiyang. Guizhou is a relatively poor and economically undeveloped province, but rich in natural, cultural and environmental resources. Demographically it is one of China's most diverse provinces. Minority groups such as the Miao/Hmong and Yao account for more than 37% of the population.

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