Harmelen train disaster

Harmelen train disaster

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  • Worst Dutch Train Crash (1962)

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  • Grootste Treinramp van Nederland (Harmelen 1962)

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  • 1962 Harmelen Train Disaster

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  • 1962 Harmelen Train Disaster

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  • Dit is waarom de Drentsche Aa is genomineerd als mooiste natuurgebied

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  • Uitleg Automatische TreinBeïnvloeding (ATB)

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The Harmelen train disaster was the worst railway accident in the history of the Netherlands on 8 January 1962. Harmelen, in the central Netherlands, is the location of a railway junction where a branch to Amsterdam leaves the Rotterdam to Utrecht line. It is common at high-speed junctions to avoid the use of diamond crossings wherever possible — instead a ladder crossing is employed where trains destined for the branch line cross over to the track normally employed for trains travelling in the opposite direction for a short distance before taking the branch line.

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