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  • Kaliningrad Russia 4K. Russian People and German Heritage

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  • Walking The Center of Kaliningrad, Russia. Live

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  • Why does Russia Own Kaliningrad/ Königsberg? (Short Animated Documentary)

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  • 48 hours in Kaliningrad, Russia

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  • Walking in KALININGRAD / Russia 🇷🇺- 4K 60fps (UHD)

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  • What Happened to Prussia? (Short Animated Documentary)

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  • PHI 3486 Kant MM DR Pt I Ch II Sections 1 and 2

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  • David Hilbert Biography - German Mathematician Short Life Story

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  • Frederick I, King Of Prussia

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Königsberg is the name for a former German city that is now Kaliningrad, Russia. Originally a Sambian or Old Prussian city, it later belonged to State of the Teutonic Order, Duchy of Prussia, Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire, Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany until 1945. After being largely destroyed in World War II by Allied bombing and Soviet forces and annexed by the Soviet Union thereafter, the city was renamed Kaliningrad. Few traces of the former Königsberg remain today.

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