Marvin Minsky

Marvin Minsky

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  • Marvin Minsky Biography | Marvin Minsky American Cognitive Scientist| Marvin

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  • Marvin Minsky - How computers developed at MIT (65/151)

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  • Marvin Minsky - A short history of neural networks (21/151)

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  • Marvin Minsky - Do Science and Religion Conflict?

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  • Marvin Minsky - Chomsky's theories of language were irrelevant (83/151)

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  • Marvin Minsky - 'If my hands are closed, I can't imagine a piano piece' (110/151)

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Marvin Lee Minsky was an American cognitive scientist concerned largely with research of artificial intelligence (AI), co-founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's AI laboratory, and author of several texts concerning AI and philosophy.

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