O. J. Simpson murder case

O. J. Simpson murder case

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  • The Shocking Case Of O.J. Simpson

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  • O.J. Simpson 1995 Trial Witness: 'O.J. Simpson Is Guilty'

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  • Friend Says O.J. Simpson Will Confess To The Murder Of His Ex-Wife

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  • Reactions as the O.J. Simpson verdict is read

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  • O.J. Simpson Witness Thinks Her Testimony Could Have Effected Trial Outcome

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  • USA: OJ Simpson Trial: Prosecution Closing Argument - 1995

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  • A Look Back at the OJ Simpson Verdict -- Different Reactions From Different People

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  • O.J. Simpson Infamously Trying On Gloves At Trial

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  • (Raw) 1995: O.J. Simpson verdict is not guilty

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  • O.J. Simpson Murder Trial Juror Reveals What Changed His Mind About the Verdict

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  • 25 Years Later: A Look Back at the O.J. Simpson Murder Trial | NBCLA

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  • Hear Kris Jenner Comment On O.J.'s Trial in 1994

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The People of the State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson was a criminal trial in Los Angeles County Superior Court in which former National Football League (NFL) player, broadcaster and actor O. J. Simpson was tried and acquitted for the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald "Ron" Goldman. The pair were stabbed to death outside Brown's condominium in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles on the night of June 12, 1994. The trial spanned eleven months, from the jury's swearing-in on November 9, 1994. Opening statements were made on January 24, 1995, and Simpson was acquitted of both counts of murder on October 3 of the same year. The trial is often characterized as the trial of the century because of its international publicity and has been described as the "most publicized" criminal trial in history.

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