32-bit computing

32-bit computing

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  • Homemade 32-bit CPU and OS - Part 1 of 2

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  • Pineapple: 32-bit RISC-V CPU that you can make at home

    YouTube 08:16
  • R32V2020 32 bit RISC CPU Design (Part 1)

    YouTube 01:13
  • Design Your Own CPU Instruction Set

    YouTube 11:13
  • Building a 32-Bit CPU (Part 1)

    YouTube 40:51

In computer architecture, 32-bit integers, memory addresses, or other data units are those that are 32 bits wide. Also, 32-bit central processing unit (CPU) and arithmetic logic unit (ALU) architectures are those that are based on registers, address buses, or data buses of that size. 32-bit microcomputers are computers that use 32-bit microprocessors.

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