Maghrebi script

Maghrebi script

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  • Maghribi Mabsut Script - Single letters

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  • Ayatul Kursi in Maghrebi Script with Classic Illumination border

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  • Calligraphic Panel | Allah in al Qandusi Maghrebi Script

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  • Antique collection - 4Qul written in Maghrebi Script by Shafina Ali

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  • Ayatul kursi Maghrebi script painting by Shafina Ali

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Maghrebi script is a cursive form of the Arabic alphabet influenced by Kufic letters that developed in the Maghreb and later in Spain, particularly Andalusia. The Maghrebi script can be divided in five other sub/scripts:The Kufic Maghrebi see e.g. inscription on Bab Agnaou in Marrakesh. An example from al-Andalus: an ablutions basin with Maghrebi Kufic inscription, from 988, Umayyad Mabsout script, used to write the Quran. Mojawher script, mainly used by the king to announce laws. Thuluth Maghrebi script. Mosnad script mainly used by courts and notaries in writing marriage contracts.

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