Monterey Canyon

Monterey Canyon

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  • Monterey Canyon: A Grand Canyon beneath the waves

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  • Monterey Bay | Exploring Oceans

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  • Carmel Valley Acorn Milling Station, Monterey, California

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  • Scuba Diving in Monterey Bay, California

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  • Ancient Salinan Village Site - Monterey - California

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Monterey Canyon, or Monterey Submarine Canyon, is a submarine canyon in Monterey Bay, California with steep canyon walls measuring a full 1 mile in height from bottom to top, which height/depth rivals the depth of the Grand Canyon itself. It is the largest such submarine canyon along the West coast of the North American continent, and was formed by the underwater erosion process known as turbidity current erosion. Many questions remain unresolved regarding the exact nature of its origins, and as such it is the subject of several ongoing geological and marine life studies being carried out by scientists stationed at the nearby Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, and other oceanographic institutions.

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