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  • Noctuidae

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  • Noctuidae

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  • Noctuidae

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  • New England, A Common Moth Of The Noctuidae Family. Close Up, Front View.

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  • New England, A Common Moth Of The Noctuidae Family. Moves Wings And Exits Frame

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  • Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter I New PVP Boss I Noctuoidea 1x1

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  • Flower humpers

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  • Top 10 Reasons to Move to Canada

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  • Mexico Geography/Mexico Country

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  • Is Eating Humans Actually Unhealthy?

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  • Exploring the Yukon Territory, Canada & Alaska

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The Noctuidae, commonly known as owlet moths, cutworms or armyworms, is the most controversial family in the superfamily Noctuoidea because many of its clades are constantly changing, along with the other families of Noctuoidea. It was considered the largest family in Lepidoptera for a long time, but after regrouping Lymantriinae, Catocalinae and Calpinae within the family Erebidae, the latter holds this title now. Currently, Noctuidae is the second largest family in Noctuoidea, with about 1,089 genera and 11,772 species. However, this classification is still contingent, as more changes continue to appear between Noctuidae and Erebidae.

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