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  • Great Queensland Drives: Top 10 drive itineraries

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  • Singapore ant causing big problems in Queensland, chewing through car and home wiring | ABC News

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  • Brisbane - Queensland - Australia

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  • Queensland school running classes to help parents and carers improve their English | ABC News

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  • Mt Bartle Frere - Australian Rainforest Hiking

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  • Brisbane - City Video Guide

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  • Australia. History of Australia in a Nutshell.

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  • Cold vs. allergies during COVID-19 pandemic

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  • That Time the Nazis Made Titanic 54 Years Before James Cameron

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  • Epic History: World War One - 1914

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  • Steve Irwin - Television Personality | Mini Bio | BIO

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Queensland is the second-largest and third-most populous state in the Commonwealth of Australia. Situated in the north-east of the country, it is bordered by the Northern Territory, South Australia and New South Wales to the west, south-west and south respectively. To the east, Queensland is bordered by the Coral Sea and Pacific Ocean. To its north is the Torres Strait, with Papua New Guinea located less than 200 km across it from the mainland. The state is the world's sixth-largest sub-national entity, with an area of 1,852,642 square kilometres (715,309 sq mi).

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