Orontid Dynasty

Orontid Dynasty

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  • History of Armenia, ancient period, Orontid and Artaxiad dynasties

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  • What is Orontid Dynasty? Explain Orontid Dynasty, Define Orontid Dynasty, Meaning of Orontid Dynasty

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  • Ервандиды (Orontid Dynasty) 520—200 гг. до н. э.

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  • Armenian Kings and Queens

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  • Arsen Hambaryan "Tir" Nemrut, Western Armenia

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The Orontid dynasty, also known by their native name Eruandid or Yervanduni, was a hereditary Armenian dynasty and the rulers of the successor state to the Iron Age kingdom of Urartu (Ararat). The Orontids established their supremacy over Armenia around the time of the Scythian and Median invasion in the 6th century BC.

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