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  • Nkalabuka by Da Agent New Ugandan Music

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  • CGI Animated Short Film "Agent 327 Operation Barbershop" by Blender Animation Studio | CGMeetup

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  • Neo vs Agents | The Matrix Reloaded [Open Matte]

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  • The Punisher S01xE12 - Netflix Series - Castle kills Agent Orange

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  • Multi-Agent Hide and Seek

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  • The English Language

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  • A Guide to the Indo-European Language Family

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  • Action Verbs | Reading & Writing Song for Kids | Verb Song | Jack Hartmann

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  • Agency | Talha Anjum - Rap Demon | Female Version

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  • Parts of a Sentence | Pre-K and Kindergarten Version | Jack Hartmann

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  • Noun Phrases

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  • #OFB BandoKay - Patient (Prod By M1onthebeat x Ka7ton8 x KNbeatz )

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  • Active versus Passive Voice

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In linguistics, a grammatical agent is the thematic relation of the cause or initiator to an event. The agent is a semantic concept distinct from the subject of a sentence. Whereas the subject is determined syntactically, primarily through word order, the agent is determined through its relationship to the action expressed by the verb. The word comes from the present participle agens, agentis of the Latin verb agere, to "do" or "make".

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