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  • What is Occam's Razor?

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  • Broca's Aphasia (Non-Fluent Aphasia)

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  • What is Speech Recognition and how it works in 2 minutes

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  • Applied Psycholinguistics: What are emergent topics in the field of applied psycholinguistics?

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  • John Maynard Smith - Debating the case for a 'modular' brain with Richard Dawkins (92/102)

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  • PsycInfo: How to Search PsycInfo

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TRACE is a connectionist model of speech perception, proposed by James McClelland and Jeffrey Elman in 1986. It is based on a structure called "the Trace," a dynamic processing structure made up of a network of units, which performs as the system's working memory as well as the perceptual processing mechanism. TRACE was made into a working computer program for running perceptual simulations. These simulations are predictions about how a human mind/brain processes speech sounds and words as they are heard in real time.

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