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  • October Case Conference Webinar Series

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  • Nouveautés et actualités des maladies auto-inflammatoires

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  • Human Chromosome 3-D

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  • We Asked People If They Care About Homo Sapien Extinction

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  • Compounds of Phosphorus

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  • Nitrogen - Periodic Table of Videos

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  • Naming Alcohols - IUPAC Nomenclature

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  • ATP & Respiration: Crash Course Biology #7

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  • Proteins and Enzymes

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  • Nucleotide vs Nucleoside |Fast Differences and Comparison|

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tRNA-nucleotidyltransferase 1, is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the TRNT1 gene. This enzyme adds the nucleotide sequence CCA to the 3' end of tRNA, using ATP and CTP as substrates. The sequence creates the binding site for an amino acid.

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