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TV Ears

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  • TV Ears Original Installation

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  • TV Ears Digital Hearing Kit

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  • TV Ears Troubleshooting: No Sound

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  • TV Ears Digital connectivity light

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  • TV Ears Troubleshooting: How to get streaming programs to work

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  • What is Infrared Radiation? | James Webb SpaceTelescope | NASA JWST Mid Ir Video

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  • Pulse code modulation

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  • Living in Huntington Beach - Pros and Cons of Huntington Beach California

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  • Dolby Digital - HD Surround Sound Test

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  • What is Single-Sided Deafness?

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  • How do hearing aids work?

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  • DTS and SRS are now one company

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TV Ears is an American, privately held audio technology company that specializes in voice clarifying television products for the hearing impaired. Through the use of infrared technology, TV Ears’ products aim to replace the need for hearing aid devices and increased television sound for those who are hard of hearing. Since their inception by George Dennis in 1998, TV Ears has helped serve over 2 million users worldwide. They are located in Spring Valley, California where they house the North American distribution center, support, and sales teams, while employing approximately 50 people. TV Ears serves hearing impaired customers throughout the world, with their predominant markets being in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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