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  • Amos del Piano Bar - Montaña Edition (Territorio Munchausen)

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  • Sesiones Discos El Tesoro #7 - Indios y Banqueros - Baila

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  • Entre tus piernas - Taburete (cover)

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  • PU taburete giratorio Altura регулируемого Diseno moderno 5 РУЭДАС Blanco HW48528WH

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  • David Otero y Taburete - Una foto en blanco y negro (cover bateria) El pescao & Taburete

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  • Geography Now! El Salvador!

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  • Columnar Basalt - Geologist explains spectacular stone columns

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  • How do geographical coordinates work?

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  • Volcanic eruptions continue to rock island nation as people refuse to leave

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  • Smithsonian Institution - United States National Museum - Bulletin 240 Contributions Fro... Part 1/2

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  • The four types of volcanoes

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  • Rated Reacts to X & Summit Blowing Up Cop Car at The Vault

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  • Drones Sacrificed for Spectacular Volcano Video | National Geographic

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Taburete is a stratovolcano in central El Salvador, rising above the coastal plain between the San Vicente and San Miguel volcanoes, and just west of Usulután volcano. It is topped by a well-preserved, 150–300 m (490–980 ft) deep summit crater, with the true summit on the south side of the crater rim.

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