Tactical air force

Tactical air force

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  • The Strong Shall Stand: U.S. Air Force Special Warfare Tactical Air Control Party

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  • U.S. Air Force: Tactical Aircraft Maintenance

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  • U.S. Air Force Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) Airmen

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  • U.S. Air Force: Capt Charles Polley and SMSgt Christopher Mann, Tactical Air Control Party (TACP)

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  • Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) • TANG & Czech

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  • That Time the Nazis Made Titanic 54 Years Before James Cameron

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  • The Queen's 54 Countries: Commonwealth of Nations Explained

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  • Allied Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Brad Pitt Movie

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  • The Western Desert campaign Animated - 1940-1943 (Complete)

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  • Lessons Learned: The Firebombing of Tokyo

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  • Fighter Command (1968)

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  • Desert Air Force Baltimore, probably of No 232 Wing RAF

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  • 2nd Tactical Air Force in 1944: Hawker Typhoon close air support gun camara

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The term Tactical Air Force was used by the air forces of the British Commonwealth during the later stages of World War II, for formations of more than one fighter group. A tactical air force was intended to achieve air supremacy and perform ground attack missions.

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