Tafakkur University

Tafakkur University

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Science and Education Center "Contemplation" University began operations in 1992 as a higher education institution. Azerbaijan Trade Institute is the legal heir. President of Azerbaijan 24 September 1994 212 No. created by the decision of State Ali Expert Commission of Azerbaijan on the opinion of the Republic Council of Ministers on 11 September 1995, 202 numbered by the decision of "Creation" non-state University is registered as a higher education institution. Azerbaijan Cabinet of Ministers "Contemplation" about to be registered in the University "September 11, 1995 adds dated 202 numbered decision and on amendments by 29 May 1996 67 Decision No." Contemplation "University of Science and Education Center" Contemplation "University is named. Science and Education Center "Contemplation" by considering the University vəsadət Ministers of Education of Azerbaijan Republic "on the creation Magistratura the" order No. 295 of 30 April 1999 were allowed to graduate preparation in college. Bakalavriat in college, career in science at all levels of education plans prepared and approved in accordance with the basic training program. University management and operations of the Azerbaijan Republic is regulated by the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the field of education, forming the basis for higher education institutions, the Republic of Azerbaijan Ministry of Education, regulatory actions, Science and Education Center "Contemplation" University Charter, as recommended by the Ministry of Education in accordance with the normative documents is made. Instruction is available in the scientific process and make appropriate decisions for all activities envisaged by the Charter and Certificate of description.

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