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  • Ξ| Otea Tahiti Ori |Ξ

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  • Tahiti Traditional Dance

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  • Tahitian Dance- Ote'a

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  • OTE'A MALAE on the BEACH/ Polynesian Tahitian Dance - Ori Tahiti / Tahiti Dance Fitness / タヒチアンダンス

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  • Ote'a "Topapa" Leolani & her dancers 2016

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  • OTE'A DREAM - Sefa /Charity Gala 2018 /How to Tahitian Dance/ Polynesian Dance/Ori Tahiti/ タヒチアンダンス

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  • Ote'a: A Tahitian Dance

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  • Maluma, The Weeknd - Hawái (Remix - Official Video)

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  • Ask a Local: Guam

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  • Slice of life in the Islands of Tahiti

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  • Polynesian Culture | South Pacific & French Polynesia | Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic

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  • 7 Facts about the tiny country of Niue

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  • Nainoa Thompson on Polynesian Wayfaring | StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson

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  • Beautiful Hula / Polynesian Dancers

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The ʻōteʻa is a traditional dance from Tahiti characterized by a rapid hip-shaking motion to percussion accompaniment. The dancers, standing in several rows, may be further choreographed to execute different figures while maintaining the hip-shaking. The hip motion itself may in some choreographies be synchronized amongst multiple dancers and may be further coordinated with the accompanying percussion arrangement.

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