Western media

Western media

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  • Western media's double standards on reporting the use of lasers in Portland, Hong Kong

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  • Western media bias on COVID-19 reporting

    YouTube 02:43
  • Western Media Accuses Putin on Wanting to Rule the World - Putin’s Response Is Priceless!

    YouTube 03:46
  • Western media's 'biased' Turkey election coverage

    YouTube 02:15
  • Western media coverage on Hong Kong protests "unfair": Canadian scholar

    YouTube 03:58
  • New Zealand Geography/New Zealand Country

    YouTube 03:40
  • Putin sings Soviet song about space with Russian students

    YouTube 00:33
  • The Netherlands: Beyond Amsterdam

    YouTube 25:03
  • 10 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland - Travel Video

    YouTube 12:13
  • USA vs USSR Fight! The Cold War: Crash Course World History #39

    YouTube 12:16
  • 10 Best Places to Visit in Norway - Travel Video

    YouTube 11:18
  • How Powerful is Sweden? | NowThis World

    YouTube 04:04
  • Geography Now! Belgium

    YouTube 10:59

Western media is the mass media of the Western world. During the Cold War, Western media contrasted with Soviet media. Western media has gradually expanded into developing countries.

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