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  • Supernanny | 5yr Old Wets The Bed On Purpose To Get Mom's Attention

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  • wetting of two kinds

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  • Punishment for bed wetting- Before the Fall 2004

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  • Am wetting..

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  • How to REGAIN YOUR CONFIDENCE💪🏽, and stop wetting your pants. Bladder control help!

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  • Viscosity, Cohesive and Adhesive Forces, Surface Tension, and Capillary Action

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  • Determining Gravitational Constant

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  • Density and Physical Properties

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  • What is a Force?

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  • What is Surface Tension? | Richard Hammond's Invisible Worlds | Earth Lab

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  • Glass - Official Trailer [HD]

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  • Difference between Organic and Inorganic Compounds

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  • Introduction to Oxidation Reduction (Redox) Reactions

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Wetting is the ability of a liquid to maintain contact with a solid surface, resulting from intermolecular interactions when the two are brought together. The degree of wetting (wettability) is determined by a force balance between adhesive and cohesive forces. Wetting deals with the three phases of materials: gas, liquid, and solid. It is now a center of attention in nanotechnology and nanoscience studies due to the advent of many nanomaterials in the past two decades.

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