White-fronted Amazon

White-fronted Amazon

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  • WHITE FRONTED PARROT//(Amazona albifrons)

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  • うちのコボウシインコ朝の日向ぼっこ!White fronted-Amazon Amazona albifrons

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  • コボウシインコの頭カキカキ!White fronted Amazon Amazona albifrons

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  • コボウシインコの水浴び 2 White fronted Amazon Amazona albifrons

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  • Amazone à front blanc "Amazona albifrons nana" - Apprivoisé, EAM 2019

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  • Yndi - Amazona | A COLORS ENCORE

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  • How a California beachfront property now worth millions was taken from its Black owners

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The white-fronted amazon also known as the white-fronted parrot, or by the adopted slang term spectacled amazon parrot, is a Central American species of parrot. Not to be confused with the red-spectacled amazon. They can imitate a range from 30 to 40 different sounds. Like other large parrots, the white-fronted parrot has a long potential life span, usually around 40 years.

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