White Serbia

White Serbia

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  • Russia Delivers The Most Beautiful But Equally Lethal ‘White Eagle’ Tanks To Serbia

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  • Sensation Serbia 2012 'Innerspace' post event movie

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  • бели анђео србије- The white angel of Serbia -Bekhit Fahim

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  • White House talks over Kosovo-Serbia in doubt after war crime charges

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  • Russia hits back as US takes lead in Kosovo-Serbia peace talks

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  • Cruising the Elbe River: Berlin, Dresden & Prague

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  • Welcome to Saxony

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  • The Beauty of Galicia - 4K Aerial Video from the North of Spain

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  • Four AWFUL maps about Rusyns

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  • Sorbs

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  • HOTBOII - Dont Need Time (Official Music Video)

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  • Breakthrough on the Oder River - From the Seelow Heights to Berlin

    YouTube 41:29
  • The Rulers of Poland| Piast&Przemyślid Dynasty

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White Serbia, called also Boiki, is the mythical homeland of the White Serbs from whom the medieval Serbs originate. While White Serbia is not explicitly mentioned, Boiki is mentioned in De Administrando Imperio, a 10th-century work by Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII. According to it the "White Serbs" lived on the "other side of Turkey", in the area that they called "Boiki". The area adjacent to it was known as White Croatia, where the White Croats trace their origin.

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