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White box

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  • 【マッシュアップZoom LIVE】"香水/瑛人"から始まるTikTokで流行りの曲メドレー(cover)

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  • 【アカペラMV】『独りうた』〜September調子はどうだい〜 WHITEBOXアカペラVer.

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  • 【マッシュアップ】"Way Back Home"から始まるTikTokで流行りの曲メドレー(cover)

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  • 【4曲同時マッシュアップ】"シャルル"VS"夜に駆ける"VS"だから僕は音楽を辞めた"VS"メーベル" (アカペラcover)

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  • 【MASHUP Battle】全部声だけで "秒針を噛む VS シャルル" (アカペラcover)

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  • Smart Building Solutions by ASUS IoT (Full Version)

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  • What is OEM | Original Equipment Manufacturing | OEM industrial spare parts | Rajan Chaudhary

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  • The Most Powerful Small Form Factor PC In The WORLD???

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In computer hardware, a white box is a personal computer or server without a well-known brand name. For instance, the term applies to systems assembled by small system integrators and to home-built computer systems assembled by end users from parts purchased separately at retail. In this latter sense, building a white box system is part of the DIY movement. The term is also applied to high volume production of unbranded PCs that began in the mid-1980s with 8 MHz Turbo XT systems selling for just under $1000.

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