Wide Awakes

Wide Awakes

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  • The Wide Awakes

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  • Wide Awakes March in New York

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  • Flea - Improvisation (For Freedom - Wide Awakes) (October 24, 2020)

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  • Wide Awakes Chicago - PSA featuring Sadie Woods

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  • the Wide Awakes

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  • Abraham Lincoln - U.S. President | Mini Bio | BIO

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  • Nature: Texas bluebonnets

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  • Chicago Illinois 🇺🇸 Downtown by Drone 4k Inspire 2

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  • C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America (2004) Official Trailer #1 - Mockumentary Movie HD

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  • Stores Using Surveillance Software to Collect Data on Customer Behavior | The New York Times

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  • Living in Missouri | What $50K Can Buy You | 4 Bedrooms, 3 Acres, INCREDIBLE Views

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  • Brett Eldredge - Illinois (Official Audio Video)

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  • Roots: The System of American Slavery | History

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The Wide Awakes were a youth organization and, later, a paramilitary organization cultivated by the Republican Party during the 1860 presidential election in the United States. Using popular social events, an ethos of competitive fraternity, and even promotional comic books, the organization introduced many to political participation and proclaimed themselves the newfound voice of younger voters. The structured, militant Wide Awakes appealed to a generation profoundly shaken by the partisan instability of the 1850s and offered young northerners a much-needed political identity.

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