Wie is de Mol?, season 1

Wie is de Mol?, season 1

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  • Kamerindeling | Aflevering 1 | Wie is de Mol? seizoen 20

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  • Dit is zijn de kandidaten van Wie is de Mol? Jubileumseizoen 2020

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  • wie is de mol? seizoen 1 afl. 5: de leiding

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  • De eerste indruk van elkaar | Aflevering 1 | Wie is de Mol? seizoen 19

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  • Wie is de Mol? (season 1) Top #7 Facts

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  • Renée en Rocky over hun avonturen in Wie is de Mol?

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  • The Netherlands: Beyond Amsterdam

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  • 7 Tips and Strategies for Answering Multiple Choice Questions | Test Taking Strategies

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  • BN'ER Angela Groothuizen facelift zonder operatie

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  • Mol Jeroen over Wie is de Mol, geheimen en liegen

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  • Algemene Vereniging Radio Omroep

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  • [Official] Rafting the Tully River with Raging Thunder Adventures

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The first season of the Dutch TV series Wie is de Mol? aired in the winter of 1999 and 2000. It followed the same format as its Belgian predecessor. It had 10 normal people travel to Australia to complete "challenges" to earn money for the group kitty. However, one of the 10 was the Mole, a saboteur, the one person trying to sabotage the challenges. It was the job of the genuine contestants to earn money and unmask the Mole at the same time. Every few days, players would take a 20-question multiple choice quiz about the identity of the Mole, with the player with the most wrong answers being "executed" from the game, until 3 would be left in the finale. The player who answered the most questions right in the last quiz won the money collected by the group.

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