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  • Suzanne Palmieri on "the witch" in her novels The Witch of Belladonna Bay and Little Italy

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  • Suzanne Palmieri on themes of loss, joy, redemption in her new novel The Witch of Belladonna Bay

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  • Interview With Maia Chance, Author Of 'Beauty, Beast, And Belladonna' | Bad Neighbors

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  • Author Suzanne Palmieri talks about finding home in her novel The Witch of Belladonna Bay

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  • Iman Mersal - Egypt

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  • Sebastian by Anne Bishop Chapter 1

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  • Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes

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  • Anne Rice - Writer of Erotica & Vampire Novels | Mini Bio | BIO

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  • Top 10 Iconic and Famous Americans

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  • English in the world: A very brief history of a global language

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  • Character Creation - How to Play Call of Cthulhu 7E (Tabletop RPG)

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Belladonna is the second book in Anne Bishop's Landscapes of Ephemera. Following Sebastian, Belladonna continues the story of the battle between the Light and Dark of Ephemera, and Glorianna Belladonna's struggle to destroy, or cage the Eater of the World before it can convert the worlds into a massive playground to use for its own dark purposes. Belladonna also introduces into the duology Michael, a wandering musician who seeks the answer to the riddle that has been haunting his dreams, and whose arrival into the lives of all the original characters has catastrophic and far-reaching consequences for everyone.

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