George Dyson

George Dyson

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  • Freeman Dyson - On becoming a writer (149/157)

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  • George Dyson: How Turing's Cathedral Was Built | Big Think

    YouTube 02:56
  • The Calculators: Discovering the Women Computers of WWII

    YouTube 02:56
  • IAST full video - Understanding fundamental determinants of human behavior

    YouTube 03:06
  • Murray Gell-Mann - Writing up the quarks. Real, mathematical or fictitious particles (113/200)

    YouTube 03:34
  • Black Hebrew Israelites vs. Israeli Parks Authority

    YouTube 03:45

George Dyson is an American non-fiction author and historian of technology whose publications broadly cover the evolution of technology in relation to the physical environment and the direction of society. He has written on a wide range of topics, including the history of computing, the development of algorithms and intelligence, communication systems, space exploration, and the design of water craft.

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