1999 Sabarimala stampede

1999 Sabarimala stampede

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  • Judicial inquiry into Sabarimala stampede

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  • Sabarimala stampede: A year on, no lessons learnt

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  • At Least 30 Sabarimala Pilgrims Injured In Stampede

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  • India: Dozens injured in stampede at Sabarimala temple, Kerala

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  • 17 Injured In Stampede At Sabarimala Temple In Kerala

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  • Disaster

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  • Jack Russell speaks out on the Station Nightclub Fire Ten Years Later

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  • The History of Camp Randall Stadium

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  • Khodynka Tragedy

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  • మకర జ్యోతి దర్శనం | Sabarimala Makara Jyothi 2022 - TV9

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  • At least 74 killed in Port Said football tragedy - no comment

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Sabarimala stampede is a human stampede that occurred at Sabarimala temple in the Indian state of Kerala in 1999. On 14 January 1999,, 53 people, the majority of them from outside Kerala, died in the stampede at the Pamba base camp caused by, among other things, the collapse of the sides of a hillock.

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