Lithops bromfieldii

Lithops bromfieldii

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  • Lithops bromfieldii v. insularis cv. "Sulphurea" C369 4 Months Old

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  • Lithops "Bromfieldii v Mennellii C.44"

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  • Lithops bromfieldii v. glaudinae "Rubroroseus" C393A

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  • Lithops aucampiae cv. "Jackson's Jade" C395A 5 Months Old

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  • Lithops Verruculosa rose of Texas (flowering time)

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  • How to Water & Care For Lithops 'Living Stones' - Includes When to water, Light, Soil, Fertiliser.

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  • Scientific Name Binomial Nomenclature

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  • Monocot and Eudicot Germination Time-lapse

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Lithops bromfieldii, also called the living stone, is a succulent plant from the genus Lithops native to South Africa that looks like stones when not in bloom. It is a tan and reddish brown and can bloom in the fall and in green, white, red or orange.

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