Lithuanian declension

Lithuanian declension

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  • Lithuanian tutorial - nouns 2 (only slides)

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  • Lithuanian cases. Locative - vietininkas

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  • Lithuanian tutorial - numbers(1-10)Better quality

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  • Declension of noun auto

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  • Užupis et ses artistes

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  • A Lesson in Inflection

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  • 1st-5th Latin Declension Noun Endings Songs

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  • Personal pronouns | The parts of speech | Grammar | Khan Academy

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  • What are Reflexive Pronouns?

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  • Alice Merton - No Roots

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  • Verbal Aspect in Russian: an Introduction

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  • The Sound of the Baltic Prussian language (Numbers, Phrases & Sample Texts)

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Lithuanian declension is similar to declensions in ancient Indo-European languages such as Sanskrit, Latin or Ancient Greek. It is one of the most complicated declension systems among modern Indo-European and modern European languages.

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