National Science Digital Library

National Science Digital Library

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  • DSpace - Digital Library Software

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  • Electronic Library - Shaw TV Victoria

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  • Check Out the World Digital Library

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  • Update on the World Digital Library

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  • What is World Digital Library?, Explain World Digital Library, Define World Digital Library

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  • Boulder, Colorado

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  • Understanding Open Access

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  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

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  • Completely digital library opens in Texas

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  • Integrated Authority File

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  • Get Your LCCN & CIP

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  • DDEX Standards: Principles of Identification and ISNI

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  • Are you Ready for Collaboration Networks?

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The United States' National Science Digital Library (NSDL) is an open-access online digital library and collaborative network of disciplinary and grade-level focused education providers. NSDL's mission is to provide quality digital learning collections to the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education community, both formal and informal, institutional and individual. NSDL's collections are refined by a network of STEM educational and disciplinary professionals. Their work is based on user data, disciplinary knowledge, and participation in the evolution of digital resources as major elements of effective STEM learning.

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