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  • The History Of Atropatene

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  • История Атро­пат Азербайджан / Atropatene History Azerbaijan Atropat

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  • Kolxida Iberia Georgian History / Caucasian Albania Atropatene Azerbaijani History ( карта кавказа )

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  • Atropatene

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  • Iran flexing its muscles in Azerbaijan border | English News | World News | WION

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  • Luffy vs Ganzak

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  • Alexander the Great - King Of The Ancient Greek Kingdom Macedonia | Mini Bio | BIO

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  • Zoroastrians Celebrate Fire Festival in Iran

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  • The History of the Achaemenid Empire: Every Year

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  • Timeline the kings of the Medieval Superpower Sasanian Empire (iran).

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  • History Is a Lie: The So-Called Parthian Empire

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  • A Brief Overview of Zoroastrianism

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Atropatene was an ancient kingdom established and ruled under local ethnic Iranian dynasties, first with Darius III of Persia and later Alexander the Great of Macedonia starting in the 4th century BC and includes the territory of modern-day Iranian Azerbaijan, Iranian Kurdistan, and a small part of the contemporary Azerbaijan Republic. Its capital was Ganzak. Atropatene also was the nominal ancestor of the name Azerbaijan.

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