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  • Nowe Ateny

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  • Nowe Ateny Czołówka

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  • Nowe Ateny propozycja 2

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  • Pogrzeb gen. Solejmani w Iranie

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  • GRECJA pociąg Saloniki - Leptokaria - Ateny

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  • Latin Language Spoken | Can Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian speakers understand it? | #1

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  • Age of Enlightenment: How the Ideas of the Enlightenment Led to Revolution

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  • Top 10 Dragons from Movies and TV

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  • What is a "Lingua Franca"?

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  • Introducing Central Europe

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  • Sports explainer: The sabre

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  • Jamal - "Peron" (Wojtek Piątek & Przemek Paszyński - duet High voltage) [live Klub muzyczny Jedyna]

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Nowe Ateny (New Athens) is the abbreviated title of the first Polish-language encyclopedia, authored by the 18th century Polish priest Benedykt Joachim Chmielowski. The first edition was published in 1745–1746 in Lwów (Lviv); the second edition, updated and expanded, in 1754–1764.

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