Augustan History

Augustan History

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  • Augustan Age(Neo-Classical Age)||History of English literature:Augustan age||#literarytalks||

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  • The Age of Pope / The Augustan Age

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  • The Augustan Age (In Our Time)

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  • The Age of Enlightenment | The Augustan Age | History of English Literature

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  • Biography, Autobiography, Memoir

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  • ROMAN EMPIRE | Educational Video for Kids.

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  • Icon | Wikipedia audio article

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  • Julius Caesar Biography

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  • Computer Basics: What is a Computer?

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The Augustan History is a late Roman collection of biographies, written in Latin, of the Roman Emperors, their junior colleagues, designated heirs and usurpers of the period 117 to 284. Supposedly modeled on the similar work of Suetonius, The Twelve Caesars, it presents itself as a compilation of works by six different authors, written during the reigns of Diocletian and Constantine I and addressed to those emperors or other important personages in Rome. The collection, as extant, comprises thirty biographies, most of which contain the life of a single emperor, while some include a group of two or more, grouped together merely because these emperors were either similar or contemporaneous.

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