Orontes I Sakavakyats

Orontes I Sakavakyats

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  • Ерванд I Сакавакяц (Orontes I Sakavakyats) 570−560 годы до н. э.

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  • Artaxias I

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  • History of Armenia, ancient period, Orontid and Artaxiad dynasties

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  • Cyrus the Great establishes the Achaemenid Empire | World History | Khan Academy

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  • Socrates Biography

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  • Turkish municipality creates ambulance service for stray animals

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  • Antiochia meets the first church of the world! The St. Pierre church in Antiochia (Antakya)

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  • League of War #2: The Wrath of Orontes I

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Orontes I Sakavakyats was the first Orontid king of Armenia, reigning in the period between 570 BC – 560 BC.

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