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  • Das Glaszimmer / Trailer / German / Deutsch / 2022

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  • 「自分の恥だ」……元ナチス親衛隊員、BBCドキュメンタリーで語る

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  • Der Sonnenstuhlturm

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  • Starke Strömung treibt Elbeschwimmer ab

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  • Große Geschichten 56 - Magere Zeiten

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Ortsgruppenleiter was a Nazi Party political rank and title which existed between 1930 and 1945. The term first came into being during the German elections of 1930, and was held by the head Nazi of a town or city, or in larger cities, of a neighbourhood, for the purposes of election district organization. After 1933, through the process of Gleichschaltung, the position of Ortsgruppenleiter evolved into the Nazi leader of a large town or city or of a city district.

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