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  • КЛИП! АБДУРОЗИК- Ошиками/ Abdurozik-Oshigami

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  • abdu rozik sings in a party

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  • Абдурозиқ - Оҳи дили зор 2019 / Abduroziq- Ohi Dili zor 2019

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  • Tokyo SkyTree 東京スカイツリー / Oshigami,Tokyo / Radio Tower,Observatory

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  • Collection of unopened bales of newspapers - possible oshigami

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  • China vs Japan - Country Comparison

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  • Newspaper Review On Adekye Nsroma 30/11/21

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  • Solar Wholesale's - How To Do a Solar Site Survey

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  • The Rise and Fall of Newspapers - Behind the News

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  • Unforgettable Japan - Mie Prefecture

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  • Overproduction in Capitalism - Greece on the Brink - Teaser

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  • I'm going to the newsagent's

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  • JapaNews24 ~日本のニュースを24時間配信

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Oshigami (押し紙) is a practice in the Japanese newspaper industry which describes the deliberate oversupply of newspapers to suppliers and businesses for the profit of the wholesaler. Along with the older age of the Japanese population, oshigami is one proponent of the apparent endurance of print circulation in Japan while printed media has seen rapid decline elsewhere with the rising popularity of online media.

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