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  • YK Osiris - Worth It (Official Video)

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  • Osiris: The God of Egyptian Underworld - Egyptian Mythology - See U in History

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  • YK Osiris - Valentine (Official Video)

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  • YK Osiris - Leave Me On Read

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  • YK Osiris - Ride ft. Kehlani (Official Video)

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  • Gagarin (crater)

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  • NASA Live: Official Stream of NASA TV

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  • How do geographical coordinates work?

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  • International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

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  • How to Read a Topo Map

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  • The Ancient Impact Crater in Arizona; Meteor Crater

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  • LRO Revisits Apollo Landing Sites

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  • Mare Serenitatis

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Osiris is a tiny lunar impact crater in the southeastern part of the Mare Serenitatis. It is located to the northeast of the small crater Dawes, and to the west of the Montes Taurus range. To the east-northeast of this position is the landing site of the Apollo 17 mission, in the Taurus–Littrow valley.

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